The aviation village is seeking volunteers to help with village duties!

You don’t have to be an Aviation expert, an uber hacker or have special skills to volunteer. Just enthusiasm, the ability to show up on time and help out during your shift.

You’ll be hanging out with experts, researchers, industry members and hackers involved in aviation security. There will be a lot of opportunities to learn and network. If you’re interests in DEF CON and aviation intersect you should be working with us.

A limited number of DEF CON badges will be available for village volunteers. We can’t promise that you will get a badge.

Volunteer Duties

Volunteer duties will include:

  • Greeting attendees
  • Answering questions or finding someone who can
  • Contacting staff or partners if help is needed
  • Coordinating talks and demos
  • Setting up and tearing down
  • Assist Village partners with A/V equipment and demos
  • Managing traffic flow
  • Generally babysitting the area
  • Contacting Defcon goons or hotel security if there is some sort of incident (do not engage, get help)
  • Having fun and learning!

Application Form

Email the completed form to village [at] aviationvillage [dot] org Please send as inline text in your email.

 _Aviation Village Volunteer Application_ 
*= required field

I would like to apply to be a volunteer supporting the Aviation Village at Defcon 27, August 8-11

-Name or Handle/Preferred Pronouns*:

[please provide a reliable email address that we can contact you at]

-Desired shift*:
[Indicate one or more shifts, you would be available by placing an ‘X’ on those lines].

___ Thursday 8th, afternoon setup
___ Friday 9th, morning
___ Friday 9th, afternoon
___ Saturday 10th, morning
___ Saturday 10th, afternoon
___ Sunday 11th, morning
___ Sunday 11th, afternoon
___ Sunday 11th, tear down

-Physical limitations*: 
All are welcome to be volunteers at the village, regardless of physical abilities, but we’d like to know if you have limitations so that we can assign duties appropriately.
[No|Short identification of physical limitations (lifting, standing…)]

-Desired duties:
[Any specific duties from the provided list that you would prefer? There’s no guarantee that you will be assigned but your preferences will be considered]

-Special accommodations*:
[No|Yes (continue filling out this section if yes)]

–What accommodations do you require?

–Will you be unavailable during specific times?

–Do you have special meal requirements or dietary limitations (if we can provide snacks or drinks)?

–Anything else?

-Special skills or knowledge you can contribute:
[If you have any special domain knowledge/skills relevant to the village you’d like to share, list it here. This is not a requirement for volunteering]


We expect our volunteers to follow the Aviation Statement of Values and the DEF CON Code of Conduct. The Village is a welcoming, collaborative, non-discriminatory, and friendly event. You agree to uphold that environment and be respectful and responsible throughout the conference.

The Village organizers reserve the right to ask any volunteers that do not adhere to these requirements, or for any reason, to end their relationship as a volunteer and leave the Aviation Village space. (We don’t expect to have to do this but we need to make sure the reputation of the village is maintained). If applicable, DEF CON staff will be notified of any incidents related to your discharge. We strongly support the DEF CON incident tracking and reporting process.

If at anytime you feel you can’t follow these requirements please let us know and you will be amicably relieved of your duties.

The Aviation Village cannot provide any compensation or remuneration for volunteers. This would include admission, hotel, meals or incidental expenses.

The village will contact you as soon as possible via your provided email when we accept your application. You will be notified when you are accepted or, in the unlikely event that we can not accept your application.

If you can not send in an application prior to the village opening you can volunteer on-site but we’ll ask you to fill out this application and accept the terms at the time you volunteer.

When notified of acceptance, we will ask you for additional contact information and provide information about team coordination. 

Privacy Statement:

Personal information will only be used for village coordination and will not be shared outside of the village for any other reason except for clear emergencies. After the conference, you may ask us to destroy all information we have collected. Or, if you would like, we will keep it controlled and encrypted to contact you for future village events. Unless you specify otherwise, we will destroy your information.

– Please indicate your acceptance of these terms*: