Panel – The Long Haul: The State of Aviation Security Policy


  • Andrea (@amatwyshyn and @PSUPILOTlab), the moderator, will provide an introduction to the law of air safety regulation using the case study of the Boeing 737 MAX.
  • Stefan will discuss the state of aircraft avionics vulnerabilities, comparing and contrasting with other industries.
  • Pete will offer a pilot’s perspective, explaining how aviation prevents critical safety or security incidents through a layering of people, process and technology.
  • RenderMan will update his DEF CON talk on air traffic spoofing, sharing what happened after his talk in terms of policy response

About Our Panel

Andrea is a professor at Penn State in the law school and engineering school and the founding director of the PSU PILOT lab.

Stefan is a professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at University of California, San Diego.

Pete is a former fast jet pilot and Flight Safety Officer and an independent cyber security adviser based in London.

RenderMan is security enthusiast with a focus on security threats of all sorts. He is the founder/chief researcher of the Internet of Dongs project.