Behind the scenes of hacking airplanes

Speakers – Zoltan (@Csucsorr) and Ben (@0x62656E)


tl;dr We show how we hack planes for real without getting in any trouble
The session aims to provide insights on real-life experiences gathered from the security engineering tasks and assessments of modern aircraft systems.

Particular focus is placed on explaining how the interaction between safety and security is assessed and how responsible teams can interact and combine their diverse set of skills. Examples and technical overviews of the classes of systems, interfaces and audit methodologies are given to precisely demonstrate how work in this area is laid out and executed, and to emphasize their importance in the transportation industry.

Additionally, the talk will highlight the combined industry effort that currently goes into dealing with the changing security threats in modern aircraft from a technical audit and security engineering perspective.

About the Speakers

Zoltan is a Senior Aviation Security Consultant with F-Secure. He has been performing technical security assessments for various industries for the past 8 years. In recent years he has been a part of F-Secure’s transportation security team, specializing in aviation where he is performing penetration tests, security audits and technical product reviews on aircraft and ground components for both airlines and manufacturers.

Benjamin Nagel is an Aviation Security Consultant at the Cyber Security Services team of F-Secure. For ten years he focused on the convergence of information security and safety and specialized on engineering in the aviation domain. During the last years he did research on data loading solutions and the use of wireless communication in the aircraft domain. In his current role he is helping international aviation customers to tackle cyber security problems and he is involved in the EUROCAE WG-72 working group on the cyber security standards for the aviation industry.