A Venture into the Dark Side

Speaker – John McCarthy


There is no doubt that in terms of airport safety, cyber security is now a major issue with flagship airports forming part of the critical national infrastructure (CNI) of many countries. Effective Cyber Security controls not only cut across the management silos within Airports but also across international boundaries making it very challenging to implement. Conversely, we know that criminals do not respect such boundaries, in fact they exploit them.

This workshop is an interactive discussion on how we could hack an Airport. John has with consent successfully breached airports and will facilitate questions and hopefully spark ideas. The feedback from the session will inform the security positions of Airports thus helping to ensure our Airports are safer.

About the Speaker

John McCarthy holds a PhD in Cybersecurity and eBusiness Development and is an internationally recognized author of papers discussing all aspects of cybersecurity in the modern world. John has worked with ServiceTec since 2003 and currently holds the position of Senior Adviser CyberSecurity. His responsibilities include the development and management of a complete set of Cyber Security services created specifically for the airport industry, as well as the deployment of those services at some of the world’s busiest airports.