Aerospace Village Content Submission

The Aerospace Village is going to be at DEF CON 28 in Las Vegas in Aug 2020. With the support of the community, industry and academia the Village will have 4 main areas (zones) that stretch across ‘Aerospace’:

  • Airports
  • Air Traffic Management (ATM) (Air Traffic Control…)
  • Aircraft
  • Space

We welcome all who would like to get involved and are looking for primarily interactive / hands-on activity that allows DEF CON attendees to learn about aerospace cyber security or aerospace itself so they can better understand how it all ‘fits together’.

We are not looking for product marketing pitches…

What we are looking for are:

  • Workshops / Labs / Demos / CTFs
  • Limited ‘displays’ (our focus is on interactive but for some key educational aspects, we can accept limited numbers)

To give more idea of what we are looking for in each Aerospace Village Zone, below are some ideas……. (scroll down to the submission form)


All types of aircraft systems such as:

  • Cabin/In-Flight-Entertainment systems
  • Onboard WiFi/IFEC
  • Aircraft Information Systems Domain components/mock-ups
  • Aircraft Control Domain and Cockpit systems
  • Ground Support Information Systems
  • Aircraft Communications systems
  • Electronic Flight Bags (hardware and software)
  • On-board payment systems
  • Aviation telemedicine products

Private and commercial aircraft. Yes, we may have floorspace / airport space for a small aircraft! If you are interested please get in touch….

Flight Simulators. While those of us in the industry may have some flying experience or knowledge, we are trying to encourage involvement from those who are new to aerospace to get involved. Giving newcomers a taste of what it means to be a pilot is extremely beneficial for us all.

UAVs. Technical and interactive content. This is about hacking drones, not flying them so anything focussed on the cyber security of drones and UAVs is very welcome.

This list is not complete, if you feel you have something you would like to contribute then get in touch.


Check-in systems, bag scanners, information displays, ground maintenance/ support, Maintenance Repair Overhaul

ATM / Comms / Data-links

ADS-B & C & D, CPDLC, SATCOM, GNSS, 5G, Radar, Software Defined Radios (SDR), ACARs, TCAS, GBAS


Link Security, MiTM, hardware security, ground-station, guidance, jamming,comms, GNSS (GPS), satellites, and whatever you can think of, the sky is your oyster….