Please join us in the Sandbox at this year’s RSA Conference in Moscone South/Level 2 on Wednesday and Thursday! We will have demos and speakers covering a variety of aerospace cybersecurity topics with our partners from Boeing, PenTestPartners, & Rapid 7.

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After the Aviation Village’s amazing inaugural year, we have transformed into the Aerospace Village and continue to grow and evolve. The Aerospace Village at DEF CON will encompass all aspects of the aerospace sector ranging from airports, air traffic management, aircraft and space. In the coming weeks we will be letting you know how to get involved, support and be involved!

The aerospace industry, security researchers, and the public share a common goal: safe, reliable, and trustworthy air travel and space operations. For too long, negative perceptions and fractured trust on all sides have held back collaboration between the aviation, space, and security researcher communities that has advanced safety, reliability, and security of other industries. As the traditional domains of aviation and space safety and cybersecurity increasingly overlap, we will be safer, sooner, together.

The Aviation Village welcomes those who seek to improve aviation security, safety, and resilience through positive, productive collaboration among all ecosystem stakeholders. Read more about our Values, Goals, and Scope.

Our Schedule is now live!

You can contact the Village team at: village [at] aerospacevillage [dot] org or on Twitter @secureaerospace